→ Superhumanity, Graphic identity and printed matter for, a symposium organized by MMCA and e-flux architecture. 2018, MMCA Seoul, South Korea. Collaboration with Practice.
→ 別例樂, Graphic identity for Gugak performances. 2016, Seoul Donhwamun Traditional Theater in Seoul, Collaboration with Practice. Maratcha Beverage company in Arnhem.
→ La Biennale di Venezia Arts and biennial exhibition the organization in Venice.
→ Asia Culture Center Asia Culture Research Institute in Gwangju.
→ boldarchitect Architectural firm in Seoul.
→ Busan International Film Festival Film festivals in Asia held in Busan.
→ Culture Seoul Station 284 Multipurpose arts and cultural complex in Seoul.
→ Nam June Paik Art Center Dedicated to the South Korean artist Nam June Paik in Suwon.
→ National Hangeul Museum Dedicated to the advancement of the Korean alphabet in Seoul.
National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Contemporary Art museum in Seoul.
→ Post Seoul Web-based magazine studio which introduces lifestyle and the people of Seoul.
→ Donhwamun Representative theater for Korean traditional music) performances in Seoul.
→ Schrijf eens een kaartje Non-profit organization for social communication in Arnhem.
Waalhalla Nijmegen Cultural

→ newpress, Logo and stationery for a media house of Lim Nari and Woo Haemi, Seoul, 2015.
→ boldarchitect, Logo and stationery, website for architects, Shin Sungjin and Shon Kyongmin, Seoul, 2018,
→ The Color Solutions, Logo, and website for a graphic design studio, the Netherlands, ongoing project, 2019.

… Maratcha

Logo and Packaging design for a tea company,

the Netherlands, ongoing project, 2019.

… Schrijf eens een kaartje

Logo and printed materials for an organization,

the Netherlands, ongoing project, 2019.

Hong Kim
Rotterdam, the Netherlands